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Birds of the Tucson Mountains, AZ

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[Elf owl perched on saguaro cactus with moth in its beak: 95k]

Figure 1: Elf owl scores a moth, Tucson Mtns, AZ. They also like scorpions, centipedes, and beetles. Photo courtesy of Roger Carpenter.

(Birds seen within about 1 mile of Camino De Oeste and Gates Pass Road, compiled by Roger Wolf, Tucson Audobon Society and Roger Carpenter. Asterisks in the lists indicate species we believe likely, but for which confirmation is needed)

Vultures, Hawks, and Falcons

Gallinaceous Birds

Herons and Allies

Pigeons and Doves

Cuckoos; Anis, and Roadrunners



Swifts and Hummingbirds


Perching Birds

Passing through Gates Pass:

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Updated from the Gates Pass Area Neighborhood Association Newsletter, Winter 2000.

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