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[Glimakra Activ Standard 8 harness countermarch loom for sale: 15k]

1976 Glimakra Aktiv Counter-march 54" Loom for Sale (

Are you looking for a great loom?

[Glimakra Activ Standard 8 harness countermarch loom for sale: 60k]

This loom is the same as a Glimakra Standard, but with 5 tubular steel beams. It has an attached bench, horizontal jacks, 8 harness/8 pedal.

The metal beams insure strong, even tension for rugs, fine weaves and yardage. The wide shed is perfect for hand-manipulated and fast shuttle weaves. This 1976 loom is from the last of Glimakra's Activ metal beam, countermarch looms.

Excellent condition: $3,000


Contact Carolyn Leigh for details.
Please put loom sale in the subject line of your email, so I will see it.
It's best to email me first rather than phone.
CarolynLeighStudios at (This link does not work with all browsers.)
P.O. Box 87768, Tucson, AZ, 85754-7768 USA
Tel: 520.909.7874

[Glimakra Activ Standard 8 harness countermarch loom shuttles: 65k]

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